imagined landscapes

Houses on Cliff, lithograph  Red Boxes, lithograph  Coffee Cup, lithograph  Tower, lithograph  Tiny House, lithograph  Two Houses--Wes, lithograph  Cliff 2  Color Houses, collage and acrylic Supported House, charcoal Sinking House, charcoal Raft, charcoal Pools, charcoal Pit, charcoal Model Homes, charcoal Maze, charcoal, 22" x 10' House with Kindling, charcoalScene of Destruction, charcoal House on Cliff with Sink Hole, charcoal

In this series I create invented landscapes. In lithographs and drawings of little houses, fake trees, sets and models, I construct narratives and dramas. Partly observed and partly imagined, these landscapes involve a dialogue between the real and the false, and create a psychologically complex, idiosyncratic, interior landscape. I investigate themes of threat, insecurity, and instability. Scale changes and an acknowledgement of the fakery and artificiality of my subjects tend to unbalance and destabilize the viewer further. Simplified houses reference story-telling and fable, and symbolize self, home, and the fragility of human endeavor. Lithographs were developed at CSU and are an ongoing series. Drawing series was developed during a residency at Vermont Studio Center and was exhibited at Contemporary Artists Center in North Adams, Mass.